Ashley Thalman is a Utah-based photographer specializing in fine art portraiture. With nearly 10 years experience, Ashley creates timeless, truthful images by documenting the singularity of place and person. Her confidence, professionalism, and compassion enable her to capture process and detail consciously. Ashley travels globally for family portraits, intimate wedding events, headshots, children's portraits, and commercial clients. 


Ashley is the online photographer for Provo's Soel Boutique. Ashley volunteers her time with Your Light International bringing professional photography for Utah families who do not have access to the art and cultural preservation of family and individual portraiture. Ashley is also a contributing photographer for The Fern Foundation who serves the ex-FLDS and Fundamentalist in the southern Utah area known as Short Creek. Past collaborations include work for Ivory Bill Furniture, Ben Dougal, One More Mushroom, and the Say Yes!