Ashley Thalman observes, documents, and preserves the story of home, family, creativity, and childhood. With 10+ years experience, Ashley collaborates with private and commercial clients to create timeless, truthful images that document the singularity her client’s lives, products, and purpose. Her natural ease and confidence with children, her informative and careful professionalism, and her fun-loving and flexible humor enable her to capture the true atmosphere of home and the details of her subjects, consciously.


Your Light International

Board Member, Volunteer
Bringing professional photography for Utah families who do not have access to the art and cultural preservation of family and individual portraiture. Ashley will serve on the board of directors for the 2018 calendar year to expand the mission and services of Your Light International

The Fern Foundation

Contributing photographer
Serving the ex-FLDS and FLDS communities on the Utah-Arizona border towns known as Short Creek.